Mormon Artists Group is pleased to announce the publication of the second edition of

The Glen and Marcia Nelson Collection of Mormon Art

Since 2013, it has grown to include new works by artists previously in the Collection: Kent Christensen, Erik Dalzen, Daniel Everett, Peter Everett, Dean Fausett, John Held, Jr., Susan Krueger-Barber, Valerie Atkisson de Moura, Annie Poon, Walter Rane, C. R. Savage, Casey Jex Smith, Lane Twitchell, La Monte Young, and Mahonri Young. Entering the Collection for the first time are historic painters and contemporary artists, too: Henry Lavender Adolphus Culmer, Brian Kershisnik, Hildebrando de Melo, Jason Metcalf, Lee Greene Richards, and Joseph Paul Vorst. We invite you to download the free, 321 page ebook.