The Island of Bali Is

Littered With Prayers

Jeremy Grimshaw is the author of this new book about bringing Gamelan, a traditional Indonesian percussion orchestra to Utah. The story explores the culture, religion, music, traditions, and patterns of Balinese life and contrasts them with the gamelan’s new home in Provo, Utah.

Paperback edition - $14.95

Kindle edition (available at - $9.95

Limited edition - Sold out; no longer available

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“There are few writings on Balinese music that are able to get succinctly to the spiritual heart of the matter. Mr. Grimshaw’s book does exactly that, with empathy and insight.”

- Wayne Vitale, former director, Gamelan Sekar Jaya

“Jeremy Grimshaw has written an astonishing account of a journey far across the oceans and deep into the self. As someone who grew up in Southeast Asia, I rejoiced to read his descriptions of Balinese society: his fresh eyes capture the region’s rich, syncretic spirit without a single instance of pat exoticism.”

  1. -Preeta Samarasan, author of Evening Is the Whole Day

Bali is a poignant book of music taking root in an unlikely place, empathetic in describing a culture’s subtleties while challenging the reader’s perceptions of art and music.”

  1. -Austen Diamond, Salt Lake City Weekly

So here’s the deal: The Island of Bali Is Littered With Prayers is a marvelous case study in how to capture in a piece of creative nonfiction a meaningful cross-cultural experience. It’s also a lovely book to read.”

- William Morris, A Motley Vision