Mormon Artists Group, founded in 1999, is a collective of creative artists. We publish and sell original artworks (books, music, prints, and collaborative projects), organize exhibitions, readings, concerts, and charitable events, and conduct research on topics related to Mormon Art. We are unaffiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints except for the fact that our participants are past or present members of the Church.

Glen Nelson, Director

457 w. 57th St. #601

New York, NY 10019



To date, we have created 31 projects with 83 artists: 

1999 - LDS Photographers in New York City Exhibition 

2000 - Exquisite Corpse Exhibition and Charity Auction 

2000 - Virtual Discussion Group 

2001 - Handcart Ensemble Benefit 

2001 - Lending Library established 

2002 - Silent Notes Taken (Stephen Moore; essayists) 

2002 - Musical Compositions by LDS Composers 

2003 - Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters (Lane Twitchell) 

2004 - Mormoniana (Valerie Atkisson; composers) 

2005 - Manhattan New York Temple Portfolio (photographers) 

2005 - The Book of Visions (Annie Poon) 

2005 - The Articles of Faith (David Fletcher) 

2006 - Curses for Your Sake (Javen Tanner) 

2006 - Salt Water Jetty (Kent Christensen) 

2006 - On the Road with Joseph Smith (Richard Bushman) 

2007 - The Book of Gold (Murray Boren/Glen Nelson) 

2008 - I Visit the Spirit World with My Mother (Brent Wilson) 

2008 - Church Drawings (Casey Jex Smith) 

2008 - Atonement (Walter Rane) 

2009 - On Sunday (essayists) 

2010 - The Island of Bali Is Littered With Prayers (Jeremy Grimshaw) 

2010 - Song/Cycles (composers/poets) 

2010 - The Book of Moses (Linda Etherington) 

2011 - Handprints (David Chapman Lindsay) 

2012 - Mormons at the Met (Glen Nelson/Annie Poon) 

2013 - Palimpsests (Jared Lindsay Clark) 

2014 - Field Notes on Language and Kinship (Tyler Chadwick/ Susan Krueger-Barber) 

2014 - Medallions (Kent Christensen) 

2014 - Isaiah (Stephen Anderson) 

2015 - Me and Thad (Tim Sutton) 

2016 - Paco (Nathan Thatcher) 

2017 - Prayers in Bath (Luisa Perkins/Jacqui Larsen) 

2017 - Joseph Paul Vorst (Glen Nelson) 

In addition to the above, Mormon Artists Group has been instrumental in the discovery and research of artists in a wide array of disciplines: music, literature, visual arts, dance, film, architecture, and design.